Dr. Joseph Bielitzki

Dr. Joseph Bielitzki

Director Government Research & Development Programs (Non-Attorney)

Washington, DC


  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Education
  • Security & Defense


Joseph Bielitzki, MS, DVM, works to solve science and technology problems by developing interdisciplinary teams and paradigm shifting concepts. He has worked across the spectrum of science and technology in academia, government and industry. Early in his career he spent 18 years working in academia supporting research across biomedical research. He served as the Chief Veterinary Officer for NASA working with scientists and engineers on both land based and in-space research in the life sciences. During this time he worked with engineers to develop new hardware for flight based research studies.

Following NASA, he spent 4 years as a program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developing and managing a large life sciences portfolio including programs in regenerative medicine and wound healing, hemorrhagic shock, performance, storage of blood products, in vitro systems for immunology, vaccine development and infectious diseases. After leaving government service he worked in nanotechnology, laser surgery and nutrition. In addition, he maintains interests in research ethics, non animal alternatives, primate conservation, and endurance sports.


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